Which type of filings CAN be ELECTRONICALLY filed?



Is electronic filing mandatory for any types of filings?


What is the recommended Internet browser?


What are the accepted payment methods?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Can more than one e-mail be added to a user account?

No. Only one e-mail is permitted per user account. It is recommended that users set up e-mail distribution lists to manage sharing their e-filing communications with others.

Can the same e-mail be used for multiple users?

No. Each user must have a unique e-mail address.

What format is required for documents? 

Documents must be in PDF format. When creating a PDF, it is recommended you avoid using custom fonts or color and you set the resolution at the lowest available setting to limit the file size and upload time.  

How may electronic filings can be submitted in a single order?

Up to 25 filings (Filing Packets) may be submitted per Filing Order. It is recommended that large filings be submitted separately to avoid document upload size limits. 

Is there an e-filing convenience fee added for filings that do not have a filing fee?

Yes.  Please see fee bill.

How do I know if my electronic filing is processed?

You will receive an e-mail when your entire order is processed. An order may include up to 25 filings. You can track the status of each filing in the “My Filings” section of your account.

What happens if my electronic filing is rejected?

If the Prothonotary’s office determines that your filing does not meet necessary requirements, the filing will be rejected.   You will immediately receive an e-mail notification that the filing is rejected. The e-mail will include a PDF attachment that describes the reason for the rejection. This information will also be available on your “My Filings” page.  You may resubmit the filing from the original order on your “My Filings” page if you do so within the time frame outlined in the rejected filing e-mail.  After that time is expired, you will need submit as a New Civil Filing.

When will my electronic filing be time stamped?

Filings will be time stamped with your submission date and time upon acceptance by the Prothonotary’s office. If your filing was rejected and resubmitted, the time stamp will reflect the re-submitted date and time upon acceptance.  

When will the electronic filing system be available to users?

Outside of routine or other necessary website maintenance, the online electronic filing system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may submit orders at any time, but they will not be processed until the office is open for business.  

When will my electronic filing be docketed?

Filings are immediately docketed in the Case Management System when accepted by the Prothonotary office.

How can I access my electronic filings and documents?

All your submitted filings are listed on your “My Filings” page.  Accepted, time stamped documents are accessible from the same page.  You may also search accepted filings with the online Case Search if permitted for public access.

What if I submit an electronic filing in error?

When the filing is in Pending status, you may cancel the order from your “My Filings” page. If the filing has been Accepted, you will need to call our office.

How do I file confidential documents?

Check the “confidential document” box and submit the appropriate forms, pursuant to AOPC Guidelines.  If proper forms are not submitted, we will accept the filing, but it will not be marked confidential. 

How do I file for IFP status?

Check the “In Forma Pauperis” box and submit the appropriate forms. 

Does the electronic filing system have electronic notification or service?

No. Electronic service and electronic notification are not currently available for electronically filed documents.  Local Rule 205.4 specifically states that service is the responsibility of the attorney. 

Do I need to send a stamped envelope or copies to the Prothonotary’s office for service of judgments?   

No. The convenience fee for electronic filing will cover this cost for the Prothonotary’s office. A stamped envelope and/or copies will continue to be required with paper filings.  

Will there be after hours support if a user has a problem submitting an electronic filing?

After hours support is not available through the Prothonotary’s office or Teleosoft. Local Rule 205.4 defines the options available if an electronic filing is interrupted due to technical issues.

What assistance can the Prothonotary’s office staff provide?

Prothonotary staff may answer technical questions such as “what order do these documents go in”, “what docket category do I select”, or “I didn’t get a confirmation e-mail”. The staff may not answer legal questions such as “what do I submit”, “how do I fill out this form”, or “Is this information correct” because providing answers to those questions is considered giving legal advice.

*When calling our office for assistance, please have your Order and/or Filing Packet number available for reference.*