Have CASE Come to You!

Members of the Lancaster County C.A.S.E. Task Force are regularly out in the community offering education on the subject. We welcome the opportunity to offer information to your group. Following are three ways that you can have Lancaster County C.A.S.E. become involved: 
1) Invite Lancaster County C.A.S.E. to provide and display safety information at your event.
2) Invite a member of the Lancaster County C.A.S.E. Task Force come and speak with your group about child sexual exploitation, child safety and about the Lancaster County C.A.S.E. Task Force.
3) Have a trained C.A.S.E. Task Force member provide your group with a NetzSmart internet safety training session. 

- NetzSmart is a program provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that creates interactive, educational safety resources for children ages 5 to 17. Through age-appropriate activities, games, videos and safety presentations, NetSmartz prepares children to behave responsibly while on the internet. For more information please visit NetSmartz.
To have a representative attend your event, speak with your group, or offer internet safety training, please email CASE.