Sheriff Solicitor

Michael D. Hess, Esquire

(717) 391-2911

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Michael D. Hess, Esquire serves as Solicitor to the Sheriff’s Office.  In this capacity he renders legal advice and opinions on policy and procedure, personnel matters, Sheriff Sales, and advises the management team on strategy and planning.  He often answers inquiries from the public as to processes, especially in regards to service issues and Sheriff Sale procedures.  He also conducts the Sheriff Sales of Real Estate and insures the smooth operation of the sales and transfers of property.  As Solicitor, Mr. Hess is an independent contractor who also represents other clients through the law firm he founded over twenty years ago, Burke & Hess, LLC.

Born and raised in Lancaster County, Mr. Hess attended Penn Manor High School and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Elizabethtown College.  After practicing several years as a Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Hess obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the Widener University School of Law in 1991.  His 30 year career has included work in most areas of Debtor/Creditor law, including representation of over 10,000 Debtors in bankruptcy and hundreds of businesses.   He has also performed work for creditors including small businesses, banks, and mortgage companies.  His practice has also included elements of criminal procedure work and a large amount of representation and advice to small businesses and corporate entities on all matters.

Mr. Hess is active in his community and Church and has taught courses at the college level as an adjunct professor.  He is the proud father of 8 children, all of whom were adopted from Russia.  In his spare time he enjoys various outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, playing trumpet and guitar, and spending time at his cabin in the mountains.  In his younger days, he enjoyed sky-diving, scuba-diving, bull-riding, and driving in demolition derbies.

If you have questions regarding Sheriff Sales, Sheriff’s procedures, or the Constitutionality of any actions, feel free to call, and Mike will speak to you directly.  In accordance with the policies of the Sheriff of Lancaster County, Mr. Hess believes that the Office exists to carry out the will of the Courts and the citizens of Lancaster County and uphold the Federal and State Constitutions.