Why does the address search return more than one result?
The address search function queries all the properties in Lancaster County to determine matches based on the house number and street name provided by the user. Therefore, it is possible, and often likely, that an address search will return multiple results. This is due to a couple of factors:
  1. To start, identical street addresses may exist throughout the county, provided they are in different municipalities. For example, enter 102 for the house number and Sunrise for the street name; you will see in the results that there is a 102 Sunrise Ave. in both Elizabeth Township and Manheim Township.
  2. Another circumstance that may lead to multiple search results would be when a house number and street name occur with a variety of street prefixes, types, and suffixes. An example would be to search for a house number of 200 and a street name of Second. The search results for this query would be 200 S Second St. and 200 E Second Ave. two very different addresses that share a common house number and street name.
When multiple results are returned, the user will then have the ability to scroll through the matches in the search result window. By examining the address and municipality fields, users can quickly identify their desired property from the list.

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