What about security?
The courthouse has a metal detector system and x-ray at the main entrance on Duke Street and the Historic Courthouse entrance on Lenox Lane. All pocket books, briefcases, and packages will be scanned. You may not bring weapons, pocket knives, box cutters, or mace into the courthouse. If you do, the sheriffs will take them, give you a receipt, and keep them for you until you are ready to leave. There are also sheriffs in each courtroom to provide security and keep order.

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1. How should I dress?
2. How can I get to the courthouse and where should I park?
3. Where do I meet my victim advocate?
4. Where can I get a drink or snack?
5. Where can I make phone calls?
6. Where can I smoke?
7. Should I bring anything with me?
8. How long can I expect to be there?
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10. Who is permitted in the courtroom?
11. Where can I get an excuse for missing work or school?
12. Do I get paid for being a witness?
13. What about security?