Where is your office?
Our office is located on the fifth floor of the courthouse. When exiting the elevator, follow the sign to the end of the hallway in the northeast corner of the building. Parking is available at any of the city parking garages or at meters on the street. Duke Street Garage is one block north of the courthouse. Penn Square Garage is one block south of the courthouse. East King Street Garage is two blocks east of the courthouse.

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1. Where is your office?
2. What is a subpoena?
3. What is the purpose of bail?
4. Do I need to get an attorney?
5. What if I move or change my phone number?
6. What if the defendant’s attorney contacts me?
7. What if the defendant, his/her family, or friends contacts me?
8. Will there be a jury at trial?
9. How long do I have to wait at court?
10. Can my case be continued?
11. Will the defendant be in the courtroom?
12. Can I be in the courtroom when my child testifies?
13. What is a plea agreement?
14. What is a victim impact statement?
15. What is restitution?