Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center completed our third PREA audit on October 22, 2019 which we were found to be in full compliance with the Act.  Forty-one standards which are measured during this audit.  The Youth Intervention Center met all these standards and exceeded expectations in many of those, specifically related to the resident education, documentation, reporting, access to services, resident files, and employee personnel and training files.

You can review the auditor’s final reports below.

2014 PREA Audit Final Report
2016 PREA Audit Final Report
2019 PREA Audit Final Report
2022 PREA Audit Final Report

2014 PREA Annual Report
2015 PREA Annual Report
2016 PREA Annual Report
2017 PREA Annual Report
2018 PREA Annual Report
2019 PREA Annual Report
2020 PREA Annual Report
2021 PREA Annual Report
2022 PREA Annual Report

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