Policies and Procedures

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  1. Case Management/Treatment
  2. Prevention
  3. Fiscal
  4. Universal
  1. CMCS 1 Application of the LCDAC policies and procedures
  2. CMCS 1A MISC ITems for contracted providers
  3. CMCS 2 Payor of Last Resort
  4. CMCS 3 Priority Populations rvsd
  5. CMCS 4 Screening for emergent care
  6. CMCS 5 Overview of interim services for pregnant women, women who use substances, and PWID
  7. CMCS 6 Written Procedures by Service Providers Outlining Protocols for the Interim Period B4 Admit Into Rec LoC
  8. CMCS 7 Interim Services for PREG WOMEN needing a REFERRAL TO PRENATAL CARE with agency listing
  9. CMCS 8 Interim Services for PREG WOMEN needing HIV and TB counseling and educaiton lwith Agency listings
  10. CMCS 9 Interim Services for PREG WOMEN who need RISK OF SUBSTANCE USE ON THE FETUS servics Includes Listed Agencies
  11. CMCS 10 PWID Interim Services for HIV and TB counseling and educaiton
  12. CMCS 11 Ancillary Treatment Services for Pregnant Women and Women with Children
  13. CMCS 11A List of Ancillary Services for Pregnant Women and Women with Children
  14. CMCS 12 Veterans As A Priority Population
  15. CMCS 13 Outreach Services for PWIDs
  16. CMCS 14 Warm Handoff Responsibilities During ALL Services
  17. CMCS 15 Warm Handoff for Overdoes Survivors
  18. CMCS 16 Case Management Overview
  19. CMCS 16A Case Management Overview For Grant Funded CMs Embedded in the OP LOC rvsd
  20. CMCS 16B Provider Responsibility When Hiring a CM and or Filling a Vacted Position
  21. CMCS 17 Case Management Rerdkeeping Requirements rvsd
  22. CMCS 17A Encounter Notes for Case Management Services
  23. CMCS 17B Recovery Plan Case Management Service Plan
  24. CMCS 18 Coordination of Services
  25. CMCS 19 State of PA Alignment to The ASAM Criteria, 2013
  26. CMCS 20 Identified Levels of CAre aligned with The ASAM Criteria 2013
  27. CMCS 21 Withdrawal Management Services
  28. CMCS 22 Assessment and LOC Placement Determination rsvd
  29. CMCS 22A Communicable Disease Screening and Referral Services
  30. CMCS 22B Persons Involved With The Criminal Justice System
  31. CMCS 23 Specific Considerations Prior to Placement
  32. CMCS 24 Funding Authorization Process
  33. CMCS 25 Request for Extension of Funding Authorization
  34. CMCS 26 WITS Requirements and other required client forms OP, IOP, PHPrvsd
  35. CMCS 26A WITS Requirements etc 4WDMS and residential LOC placements
  36. CMCS 27 Prescribed Medication(s) for Substance Use Disorders
  37. CMCS 28 Non-Conditional Service Agreement
  38. CMCS 29 medical assistance applications
  39. CMCS 30 LCDAC Funding and or Service Limitation Notification
  40. CMCS 31 Service Provider 90 Percent Capacity Notification
  41. CMCS 32 CLAS Culturally and Linguistically Approp Services
  42. CMCS 33 Core Training Requirements rvsd
  43. CMCS 34 Supervision and Staffing Qualifications
  44. CMCS 34a Resume Submission Required for Treament Clinical Staff
  45. CMCS 35 Grievance and Appeal Process
  46. CMCS 36 Confidentiality
  47. CMCS 36a confidentiality statement for Staff Signature
  48. CMCS 37 Process to file a complaint with LCDAC
  49. CMCS 37a Complaint Form
  50. CMCS 38 Attestation related to Medical Marijuana rvsd
  51. CMCS 39 Charitable Choice
  52. CMCS 40 Training Reimbursement for Outpatient Treatment Providers
  53. CMCS 40a Core Training Invoice
  54. CMCS 40b Non Core Training Invoice
  55. CMCS 41 Transportation Through the Case Management Provider
  56. CMCS 44 LCDAC Provider Meetings
  57. CMCS 46 Unusual Incident Reporting